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wedding budget

We’re getting back to wedding planning basics!  As promised, an index of past Wedding Planning Podcast episodes that focus on your BUDGET:

Your Wedding Budget | Back to Basics

Accepting Money From Family

Trimming Your Guest List

TEN Money Saving Tips

Who Pays | Who Gets a Say?

Shopping Seasonal Sales 

Alternatives to Pricey Party Rentals

YOU Are a Wedding Planner!

Buy vs Rent Your Decor

Part 1 – Saving Money

Part 2 – Saving Money

Part 3 – Saving Money

Part 4 – Saving Money

And lastly before I go … my most valuable advice to you as you’re planning your wedding?

green wedding planning

Have fun friends, I’ll be back soon with more “Back to Basics” tips for planning your wedding!

Cheers, Kara

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