Wedding Budget WINS (13 of them!)

wedding budget

Today, it’s all about that wedding budget!  Our latest episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast is Part 4 of a special recap series, highlighting 13 easy ways you can be on the lookout to keep your wedding budget in check!

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wedding budget

Wedding Budget Tip #1 – YOUR VENUE.

Be on the lookout for a venue that gives you some flexibility to DIY certain elements of your wedding like the bar, catering, etc.  Also critical is a venue that is naturally beautiful.  Choosing a space that is already full of lush plants, or artwork, or killer architecture will save you SO much money on flowers & excess decor!  You can also have a listen to this past episode all about choosing your venue:

CHOOSING YOUR VENUE – Episode dated 2/9/16

Wedding Budget Tip #2 – DIY CATERING.

I know that sounds kind of terrifying, so I’ve broken it into various levels of difficulty.  You can referrence these past episodes for lots more info on the topic of doing your own dessert bar, booze, etc:

DIY CATERING – Two Episodes dated 3/18 & 3/21/16
DIY DESSERT BAR – Episode dated 4/29/16
DIY BEER & WINE BAR – Episode dated 5/13/16

Wedding Budget Tip #3 – WEEKDAY WEDDING.

Seems kind of odd, I know, but hosting your wedding on basically ANY day besides Saturday can be a huge money-saver.  I did a full length Q&A on this topic too, if you’d like to hear more!

A FRIDAY WEDDING? Episode dated 5/6/16

Wedding Budget Tip #4 – YOUR WEDDING DRESS

Seriously consider buying a dress off the rack.  Trust me.  There are lots and lots of styles at major bridal salons, and you could end up spending as little as a couple hundred dollars on your dress, vs. thousands!

Wedding Budget Tip #5 – ALTERATIONS

Do your very best to buy a dress that naturally fits you really well.  Alterations are really expensive, and you want as few of them as possible!

Wedding Budget Tip #6 – DIY Hair & Makeup

If you’ve got more of a natural beauty routine, give DIY hair & makeup some serious thought.  Many bridal styles now are very natural, and easy to do yourself.  You can also check out the full-length episode I did all about “doing it yourself” here:

DIY Hair & Makeup – Episode dated 2/5/16

Wedding Budget Tip #7 -BRIDAL ACCESSORIES

DROP THAT VEIL!  When you go to the bridal salon to buy your dress, it’s going to be very tempting to think you need those shoes, that specific shape-wear, that boxed set of crystal jewelry, and that garter.  This stuff is SO OVERPRICED in bridal salons, and I would really encourage you to shop around for the highest quality / lowest price you can find.  My wedding shoes?  Hear how much I spent, here 😉

Intro to the Wedding Planning Podcast – Episode dated 1/25/16

Wedding Budget Tip #8 – BUY, DON’T RENT!

Whatever your wedding theme is, if you’ve been eyeing any specialty decorations or table settings from a wedding rental company, consider buying them on your own!  Wedding rentals are SO EXPENSIVE that if you shop around & do your research, it may cost the same amount to buy it that it would to rent it.  Think about table linens, hurricane vases, birdcages, vintage decor, charger plates.  BONUS – then, you get to resell it to another bride after your wedding, and pocket that cash back.  A couple episodes that discuss this concept in great detail, including some wedding marketplaces that were designed for the BRIDE WHO BUYS!

BUY vs Rent – Episode dated 2/17/16

Floral Warehouse – Episode dated 2/19/16

Wedding Budget Tip #9 – CUT YOUR FLORAL BILL

Guys, flowers are so expensive.  The good news is that there are lots and lots of ways to scale back, use do it yourself substitutes, and make swaps for less expensive flower blooms.  I did a full-length episode on DIY Flowers where I give lots of ways that you can handle your own flowers, if that’s your thing.  I also talk about some key suggestions for those of you who may want to include professional help, say maybe for your bouquets and boutonnieres, and do just some of the elements on your own, like simple centerpieces.  Have a listen to the full episode here:

DIY Flowers – Episode dated 3/11/16

Floral Warehouse – Episode dated 2/19/16


There are lots and lots of wedding registry services where you can include elements of your honeymoon on your registry – airfare, accommodations, meals, and excursions.  Hear the full scoop, including my favorite registry websites, in the Wedding Gift Registry episode linked below:

Building Your Gift Registry – Episode dated 5/18/16

Wedding Budget Tip #11 – CUT THE FLUFFY STUFF!

Custom wedding signs.  An expensive cake topper.  His & hers toasting flutes.  Pearl encrusted cake server sets.  Expensive ring pillows.  Card Gift Box.  An expensive garter, over-the-top wedding favors, a Photo Booth, a post-dinner snack bar, you guys I could go on and on and on.  Previous episodes where I talk about this?  Pretty much ALL of them 😉

Wedding Budget Tip #12 – THE WEDDING PLANNER

Do you need one?  Maybe, maybe not.  Have a listen to this episode (one of my all-time favorites!) where I break down ways you can think outside the box before spending thousand(s) on a professional wedding planner:

DIY Wedding Planning – Episode dated 3/25/16


We’ve all got our splurges.  Dollar bins at Target (sooooo dangerous!).  Daily trips to Starbucks.  Happy Hour at the bar that lasts 5 hours, every single weekend.  Think deliberately about your daily spending habits (your fiance too!) & little things you can cut back on.  This can all add up to major savings over the course of your engagement!  Use the stockpiled cash towards your wedding bill or honeymoon – I think you’ll be shocked by how quickly some small cuts will add up in the long run.  An example I love –

4 trips to Starbucks each week x $5 x 2 people x 12 months

= $2080!  

See something you’ve already taken care of, but know an engaged friend who could use the advice?  Please share!  I have a Facebook & Pinterest button built into the bottom of the page.

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