Wedding Cake Wisdom

On today’s episode we chatted wedding cake basics.  Here are some of my takeaway tips for you on keeping things affordable, wedding cake alternatives, top tier storage tips & more!

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Wedding Cake Tip #1

If you’re looking to keep it simple & affordable, go for a smaller sized tier cake, and supplement with sheet cakes.  This will be lots less expensive than a huge tiered cake that serves 150 people.   The sheets hide behind the scenes until it’s time to serve, and no one knows the difference between sheets & tiers once the cake is cut & on plates!


Wedding Cake Tip #2

wedding cake

Do we need a cake topper?  No!  Totally unnecessary.  I personally love the look of fresh flowers to decorate your cake, here’s a picture of mine 😉

See, so simple!  Our baker decorated with leftover flowers from our centerpieces & bouquets at no extra charge.

If you DO want a fun cake topper, head to Etsy where you will find 1,000,000+ options – just search “wedding cake topper”.



Wedding Cake Tip #3

Do we need to supplement our wedding cake with an additional dessert bar?  Absolutely not.  It’s an added expense that is totally optional, so if you’re looking for sweet & simple, stick with just the cake.

If you DO want to serve some alternatives to cake, I did a full episode on tips for building a dessert bar – you can listen to the full episode here, just click the title to download & play:



Wedding Cake Tip #4

How do we keep the top layer fresh to enjoy on our one year anniversary?

Find an airtight Tupperware container (link below to a quite good one on Amazon, although you can certainly stick with something you already have on hand).


AIRTIGHT CAKE KEEPER – $28.99 + free shipping
Flexzion Cake Carrier Cover with Handle – Pastry Bakery Pie Cake Holder Server Container Storage Box Keeper Saver with Clear Semi Transparent Round Plastic Dome, Airtight Snap Locking Lid (Orange)


You’ll want to wrap the cake in a layer of plastic wrap, again with a layer of foil, and store inside the airtight container in your freezer.  Follow these steps and your cake will be like brand new on your one year anniversary!

CRITICAL REMINDER – remember to designate someone in charge of making sure the cake gets taken home from the venue!  This is so easy to forget, and it would be heartbreaking to have it accidentally thrown away, or cut & served on accident.


Wedding Cake Tip #5

As promised, a link to the Wedding Dessert Pinterest Board I mentioned on today’s show!  Get lots of visual ideas for brainstorming how your wedding cake will look.  Click the board title or image below for more!

Wedding Cakes & Sweets on Pinterest

wedding cake

Wedding Cakes & Sweets on Pinterest @karasvinwedding

I love Pinterest & hang out there a lot – it’s my hands-down favorite online tool for wedding planning.  Follow Kara’s Vineyard Wedding to get all of my wedding planning tips & tricks delivered right to your feed!



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