DIY Wedding DJ & Alternatives

Can you pull off a DIY Wedding DJ set up at your wedding?  “DJ Your Own Wedding” makes it so easy!  Podcast listeners save $5 when you use promo code “WEDDINGPLANNINGPODCAST” and this link:

How to DJ Your Own Wedding

diy wedding dj

Today’s question is from our friend Marian, who wrote in to the show a couple months ago with some questions about DIY wedding flowers.  Marian asks about ways to pull off a “Do it Yourself” wedding DJ set up after our DJ & Custom Lighting episode that aired last month.

You can listen to today’s full episode here!

Are you considering doing your own wedding day music & announcements? 

Marian questions the feasibility of her and her groom doing the announcements themselves, and making play lists for music right on their computer to have on autopilot through the wedding & reception.

I think this doing a DIY Wedding DJ set up is a wonderful idea, and I talk through the logistics in today’s episode.

I also offer some alternative solutions for those of you who may not want to be front & center, making the actual announcements yourselves.  It’s kind of “halfway DIY, halfway asking for help from friends.”

Related to our talk today, I share a wonderful website resource for those of you looking for the absolute best deal & least hassle wedding vendors.  Visit for details!

Remember, wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful!  I believe in common sense, affordable, and unique ideas to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

Questions about planning your own wedding?  Please be in touch!


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