My Fave DIY Wedding Favors

Cookie Pops & Mini Succulent Favor Pots …

Read on for my detailed shopping lists, photos, Pins, and detailed step-by-step instructions for each of these easy, affordable DIY wedding favor ideas!

(Longest blog post ever, just keep scrolling down down down to find exactly what you’re looking for ūüėČ



Cookie Pop Shopping List

Candy Melts, available in lots of beautiful colors that you can coordinate with your wedding palette! ¬†Each bag makes about 15 pops, and costs $2.99 (you can also find this product on Amazon, search “candy melts wilton”. ¬†A bit more expensive than in-store, but maybe worth it to save a trip!)

Sprinkles of your choice

Lollypop Sticks

Cellophane “treat bags”

Sandwich cookies (I used Double Stuffed Vanilla Oreos)

Ribbon or string of choice to tie bottom of the bags


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My advice for making your cookie pops a success …

Lay out foil or wax paper to set cookie pops on for drying

Melt chocolate over LOW LOW LOWEST heat, stirring CONSTANTLY!!!!  Do not stop stirring or look away, it will scald & be un-usable!

Insert lollipop sticks through creme filling of the cookie, all the way to the top for stability

Frost each cookie using a small teaspoon, painting on all sides. ¬†Don’t forget to put a little bit on the actual stick, when it hardens it will “glue” the stick in place

Add sprinkles immediately to wet chocolate

Dry for a long time. ¬†I mentioned in the episode that they take a long time to dry, don’t be alarmed if they don’t set for a few hours.

Once totally firm / dry, package in treat bags, and tie bottoms with ribbon of your choice!



Find the complete “Wedding Favors” Pinterest board here!


And now for Mini Succulent Pots!

succulent pot wedding favor

click on image to see full Pin!


Mini terra cotta pots ($0.59 each at Michaels craft store)

Paint – I like “Martha Stewart” brand acrylic craft paint ($1.99), available in so many beautiful colors. ¬†Apply with a small paint brush.

You can also use spray paint.

Filling – succulent trimmings, a flag place card or thank you tag, handful of candies, your imagination is the limit!




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