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I have great news for you – your wedding flowers can be very minimal, simple & affordable, and it will NOT take away from the beauty of your wedding day!

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On today’s episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast, I’m sharing a priceless interview with Erin Kluzak from Flowers by Erin.  

Erin has some really valuable advice about keeping your flowers simple!  You can listen to the full episode here, and find links to past shows mentioned below:


It might surprise you to hear a wedding florist tell you to keep your wedding flowers simple.  Or, even more so, to consider using items BESIDES flowers in your wedding decor.  Brilliant!

Erin’s work is stunning, as you can see in these photos, courtesy of San Diego-based wedding photographers, Lovers of Love.

I also really love Erin’s number one piece of advice to a bride and groom on a tight budget.  Listen to the full episode to hear what she recommends DIY-ing, and what she recommends spending a little money on for help!  Hint hint:



View More:

A snapshot of my very simple wedding flowers …

Link to a related post on DIY Wedding Flowers here!

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