Food Truck Wedding

Hosting a Food Truck Wedding reception is an idea I fell instantly in love with!  Casual, unique, memorable – these are all the things that go into making your wedding reception unforgettable.

Read on for some episode highlights & links to past episodes that I think you will enjoy on similar wedding planning topics.

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food truck wedding

Image courtesy of Freckled & Blue Kitchen, Atlanta GA.

If you are considering hosting a food truck wedding, here is a quick summary of what we talked about in this fun episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast.  I want to give you to tools to ask the right questions, and get as much useful information as possible as you make phone calls and set up the logistics for a food truck wedding reception.

Food Truck Wedding Planning Tips

First, think about how many food trucks you need for your crowd & what type or types of cuisine?  East coast lobster rolls are going to be pricer than spaghetti & meatballs or tacos, so you DO have a little power over the price tag as you’re shopping around.

Second, talk with the food truck owners you call about your estimated wedding guest count, and the timeframe that things will unfold.  Address exactly how long it will take to get everyone served.

If necessary, you may need to consider having an appetizer spread to supplement as the food comes out in batches.

Third thing if you’re considering a food truck wedding, be very realistic about how much help you will need to bring in to do the serving and clean up tasks.

Fourth, keep in mind that the final cost of doing the food truck wedding angle may work out to be on par with hiring a traditional caterer.  Food truck eats aren’t always the cheapest.  You will often see lots of fancy, organic, gourmet ingredients being used, & that does come at a price.

My takeaway is that I am in LOVE with the idea of a food truck wedding.  

I think this is a fun, relaxed & unique way to host your guests.  

HOWEVER, use caution when running with this idea as a way to cut costs and save on your catering budget … the cost of a food truck wedding & the extra help you may need to hire could easily catch up and even exceed a traditional catering bill.

Thoughts or questions you’d like to share about hosting a food truck wedding?  Leave a comment below, or shoot me a note!

Talk soon!

xo Kara


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