Thoughts on Hiring a Professional Wedding Coordinator

Do you need a professional wedding coordinator?  The short answer – I’m not sure.  Every bride and every wedding is so wonderfully unique, that sadly there isn’t a yes or no answer to this.  I know, you wanted a yes or no answer, right?

wedding coordinator

For the long answer, tune in to today’s episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast with Jamie Wolfer from JW Coordination.  

Jamie is a Southern California-based wedding coordinator and her business goes far beyond what may come to mind when you think about hiring a wedding planner.

You can have a listen to the full episode here –

I have a true love for the DIY bride, and I DO think it’s totally doable to find workarounds to hiring a professional wedding coordinator-

if your “wedding personality” and wedding set up meets some basic criteria.

For much more on this, here is another full length episode from a couple of months ago, all about being your own wedding planner:

YOU ARE A WEDDING PLANNER!  Episode dated 3/25/16

For those of you in Southern California who would like to take a peek at the details of Jamie’s services, you can find her full website here:

JW Coordination | Jamie Wolfer

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