House Wedding | Opportunities & Challenges

A house wedding comes with a very unique set of opportunities & challenges!

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For those of you new to the podcast, welcome!  Long story short, I got married at a private residence that we rented for three days and nights.  Although it was a very nontraditional wedding venue …

Hosting a house wedding gave us extreme flexibility in building the exact wedding day that we wanted. 

house wedding

The idea of a house wedding is something that I just love.  Since this is what I did for my own wedding, I have LOTS of advice and tips to share! 

house wedding

All 80 of our wedding guests gathered for this fun group photo in the atrium where we held our ceremony & dancing. Photo courtesy of Brandon Heath Photo, San Diego CA

For those of you who are NOT planning to host your wedding at a private home, I encourage you to stay with us because the episodes that I link back to today are in no way exclusively JUST for a house wedding.  Rather, the tips & concepts we discuss can be applied to any wedding venue, not just a house.  

wedding budget

Helpful Episodes & Ideas for Hosting a Wedding at Home

I’m going to offer you a list of episodes & concepts that are going to be very helpful for those of you planning to host your wedding at a private home, or any other non-traditional wedding venue.  

To start, let’s talk about renting a wedding tent.

A tent is helpful for outdoor weddings for obvious reasons like shade, shelter from rain, etc.  In addition to protection from the elements, it also offers a nice opportunity to block off a space, and create some intimacy & atmosphere.  This is especially helpful in a large yard or outdoor space.

I couldn’t help but hop on Amazon to see what it would cost to buy a tent.  For an outdoor event tent that measures 40 x 60 feet and covers 240 people, you’re looking at $8,500. 

To RENT a tent this size, I browsed a few party rental companies here in San Diego, and you’re looking at about $1,300.

Now, 240 people is a fairly large sized wedding, especially to host at home.  Of course the tent pricing goes down from there, depending on how many people and the size of the area you need to cover.

Next, your wedding catering.

We have talked a lot about DIY wedding catering here on the Wedding Planning Podcast.  Following is a list of episodes that will be helpful to you if you’re taking advantage of the comfort & convenience of a large, well-quipped home kitchen:

3/18/16 – DIY Wedding Catering Part I

3/20/16 – DIY Wedding Catering Part II

4/29/16 – DIY Desesrt Bar 

5/13/16 – DIY Beer & Wine Bar

DIY Wedding Catering

Do you need to hire a wedding planner for a house wedding?

Maybe, maybe not.  Look for some inspiring ideas in our DIY Wedding Planner episodes.  There you’ll find lots of things to consider if you’re considering not hiring a professional wedding coordinator. 

4/25/16 – YOU Are a Wedding Planner!

6/8/16 – Do You Need a Pro Wedding Coordinator?

wedding coordinator

Tips for Skipping the Wedding Rental Co.

Rent vs Buy is a useful overview of buying things that you can resell to other brides & grooms after the wedding.  This saves a ton of money on wedding rentals.  Depending on  your location, there is a huge network of websites and a high demand for wedding resale items.

2/17/16 – Rent vs Buy

6/17/16 – Alternatives to the Wedding Rental Co.

Miscellaneous Things to Consider for a House Wedding

When you forgo a traditional wedding venue with built in staff for cleanup, restocking, trash management, you MUST have a plan in place.  Hiring Helping Hands reviews all of the areas where you will definitely need to bring in staff to assist.  Please don’t underestimate how much work there is to be done to keep a wedding reception moving smoothly!

7/6/16 – Hiring Helping Hands

Lastly, I’ll point you toward an episode about having an air-tight back up plan.   Again, with non-traditional wedding venues like a home, you MUST be ultra prepared for unexpected bumps in the road.  This episode is full of very important things to consider.

2/10/16 – When Lace Hits the Fan

If you have any questions about today’s episode, or anything else we’ve talked about on the podcast, please be sure to send me a note!

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