What’s YOUR Love Story?

Today on the Wedding Planning Podcast, I share the {short version} story of how I met my husband, John.

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Family Head Shot

all family photos courtesy of my dear friend & talented family photographer, Cass Lobsinger

From a fateful night at a bar in Pacific Beach, to married with two kids – today’s episode tells you all about what went down in between, and how that relates to my passion project of creating a unique wedding venue in Northern Michigan.

Tune in for all the details!

After I recorded this episode, I got to thinking it would be really fun to feature YOUR love stories on an upcoming episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast.

Sooooo, here, you can submit the quick story of how you & your fiance met!  I can’t wait to read & listen to the fun, unexpected, & unbelievable ways that you met your partners in crime.

Your audio message can be up to 90 seconds long, and I may feature your clip on an upcoming episode of the podcast!

Don’t be shy, give it a try – if you “mess up”, you simply re-record 😉

Of course if you’d rather send your love story via email, that’s fine too!


Coming up on our next episode, some words of sensitive, kind wisdom to a bride who is dealing with an unenthusiastic Maid of Honor.  Don’t miss it!


Questions about planning your OWN wedding?  I have an open door, and I ALWAYS love to hear from you.

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