Do You Need Additional Help for your Reception?


Dirty dishes, glasses, & trash will pile up quickly.
Today on the Wedding Planning Podcast we are talking all about hiring extra helping hands to keep your wedding reception running smoothly.  Nothing could be worse than spending months and months planning your DIY-style reception, thinking you’ve covered absolutely everything …

and then having dirty dishes everywhere, thirsty guests who need more water, overflowing trash cans, and restrooms without tissue and towels.  Yikes.

diy wedding reception

Who’s gonna clear all those glasses?

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If you’ve opted to go with a more non-traditional wedding reception venue, it’s likely that you’ll need to consider things like …Who will fill water glasses?
Clear dirty plates?
Empty trash cans?
Take coats?

You want your reception to flow seamlessly & stay organized!

Careful thought about hiring extra help to take care of these things will ensure that you’re not dancing with overflowing trash cans in the background and dirty dishes covering the tables.  

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Coming up on Friday, an episode all about FOOD TRUCKS at your wedding – I can’t wait!  😉

Cheers, Kara


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