Hiring Your Wedding Vendors

 Shopping for the perfect wedding vendors can be really intimidating, right?  Not everyone is comfortable picking up the phone dozens of times, asking hard questions, and keeping everything organized.

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This month on the Wedding Planning Podcast, we’re going to talk through hiring your key wedding vendors.  I have LOTS of insider advice for asking the right questions, looking in the right places, and building a wedding day dream team that is sure to make your vision come to life!

Read on for show summaries + checklists to use as you search for the perfect wedding day vendors.


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May 24 | Your Wedding Caterer

There are countless creative ways to feed your wedding day guests!  Today we cover the basics, starting with some general options, and focusing on the important questions to consider as you shop around for your wedding caterer.  Find a helpful guide here:



May 17 | Hiring Your Wedding Planner

Today we discuss the basics of hiring a wedding planner, wedding coordinator, event designer.  I address, what the heck is the difference between these titles, and also, what can you expect from various planning packages?



May 10th | Hiring Your Photographer

In this episode, we review the basics of hiring the perfect wedding photographer to shoot YOUR wedding day.  Here is a checklist of the very most important points to cover:



Coming up next week, we’re going to chat about finding the perfect wedding florist and / or event designer for your special day.  Stay tuned!

wedding vendors

Throughout each “Hiring Your Wedding Vendors” episode, we’re going to have a detailed discussion about:

How to maximize your vendor relationships,
Getting the best deal, without “haggling”,
And the questions you simply must ask before signing a contract!



I know that we all have very different comfort levels with bargaining + negotiating.  I personally shy away from this whenever possible, but my husband – he LOVES putting people on the spot and hammering through negotiations.  

In the May 3rd intro to the series, we review some “wedding vendors” basics to get you feeling comfortable with where to begin + what questions to ask.

Grab my checklist of important things to consider before you start shopping for vendors!




Links to Audio Episodes


May 3 | Intro to Hiring Your Wedding Vendors
May 10 | Hiring Your Photographer
May 17 | Hiring Your Wedding Planner
May 24 | Hiring Your Caterer
May 31 | Hiring Your Florist ***coming soon!

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