Your Wedding Day Timeline

The truth about your wedding day timeline?


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Sadly, there’s no way around it friends.  Your wedding day comes and goes so fast that it will leave your head spinning!  That’s why I put together this episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast.  Today I’m sharing six ways that you can set yourself up for success with a well-though out wedding day timeline.  Listen here, and read on for the highlights.

wedding day timeline

6 Wedding Day Timeline Tips

Start Early

An early morning wake up will start the day right, leaving as much time as possible to primp, prep, and enjoy your day.  This means you gotta keep it in check the night before at your rehearsal dinner!  Try to get a a good night’s sleep so you can be up and ready on wedding day.

Be Selective

Be selective about what you include on your wedding day schedule.  Examples of things that should NOT be on the wedding day timeline are finishing up DIY projects, or getting your nails done.  If it can be done on a day leading up to the wedding, pretty please don’t wait!

Make Time Buffers

This simply means allow more time than you think you will need.  Appointments will run late, there will be traffic, etc.  Leaving pockets of time around your wedding day timeline entries will ensure things don’t get backed up.

Simple Meal Plan

Have a simple, fuss-free meal plan set for the entire wedding day timeline.  Enlist help from bridesmaids to have healthy food all set & ready to go so you don’t find yourselves trying to pick up takeout, or wait for delivery.

Schedule in YOU Time

Also consider blocking off some time for YOU to be alone, relaxing, and taking in the day.  Maybe this is an extra long morning shower.  Another idea I love is taking a half an hour to write a letter to your groom, jotting down your thoughts and feelings, so that you will always have a “journal” type record of the day.  Taking some quiet time for yourself will allow you to relax, take some deep breaths, and really savor the day.

Same Location

For those of you who are early in the planning stage, consider using the same location for ceremony & reception.  Bonus points if there are onsite rooms where you can get dressed.  Traffic and travel time can really eat up your wedding day timeline, and by keeping everything in the same location you can avoid getting stuck in a car for half the day.

I hope you found these wedding day timeline tips helpful!

If you have any questions about today’s show, OR about planning your own wedding, please be in touch!

Talk soon!

xo Kara


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