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Shopping for your wedding dress – let’s talk to the experts! 
Wait a minute.  With over 70 Wedding Planning Podcast episodes available, why on earth haven’t we talked about your dress yet?!

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Because …

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Highlights from today’s episode about shopping for your wedding dress


Today on the podcast, we hear from a bride named Lily who is really stressed about her wedding dress.  

She’s stressed out because, like so many of us, Lily is somewhat self-conscious about her body.  Anxious because she is battling with others who can’t see the ultimate vision of a wedding dress.  Because the salon sample sizes are SO far away from her true size (i.e. a sample size 4 if you wear a size 14).

Lastly, she is battling other peoples’ expectations of what kind of dress she should wear.  She is hearing, “that’s not your style”, “I expected you to like something more like this”, etc.

Lily’s final words of our interview?

“Shopping for my wedding dress has been so many layers of annoying”


Lily’s concerns were spot on, so I went on a search for a wedding dress expert.  Today, I also interview Kelsey and Michelle from Brides by Demitrios.  These lovely ladies share with you their TOP TIPS for wedding dress shopping, including budget, timeline, alterations & more.  In addition, they address all of Lily’s concerns with professional, warm & friendly advice.

“Our number one priority is to help every bride find a wedding dress that makes her feel beautiful.”

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Coming up next time, I share a listener Q&A all about shopping for your wedding dress on Etsy.  Since we got started on dresses today, I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you.  Until next time, happy planning!

xo Kara

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