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Wedding videography is one of the most emailed topics that I hear from you about!  I get it – the fear of missing out on having a wedding video is so real.

Today I’m talking with Melissa of Jon Noeth Videography.  You can listen to the full audio episode here, & read on for highlights of today’s show!

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You know how sometimes when it comes to a maybe or maybe not topic, I kind of float in the middle?  Like, maybe you could, but you don’t have to, and it’s totally up to you?

Wedding videography is one area of wedding planning that I have a very clear opinion on.

wedding budget

As in, I think you should capture your wedding day on film.  I talk to Melissa all about this on today’s episode – why John & I (now-husband / then fiance) changed our minds.  We went almost our entire engagement saying

no, we can’t afford it, we don’t need it,

to booking a wedding videographer totally last minute, so LATE IN THE GAME because we were so afraid of missing out.

And I’m SO GLAD we did.

Wait a minute, you’re asking, that’s great, but wedding videography is so expensive.

We can’t afford it, it’s not in our budget.  

I totally get it.  Wedding videography is one of the most expensive components of a wedding, with prices ranging $3,000 – $5,000 + .  YIKES.

Here are a couple of workarounds.

  1. Hire a wedding videographer who is up & coming in the industry and needs to build their portfolio.  This was our angle, and the price tag?  $1,000.  Much more detail on this in today’s full episode (player to listen at top of the page).  You can also listen to more about my thoughts on hiring a videographer on the cheap in this past episode from April 18th:


2. Set up a DIY version using a tripod & recorder (and definitely listen to the “Buy or DIY” episode if you’re considering this!)

3. Ask you guests to film video snippets on their cell phones, then pool all the clips and send them to a normal, plain old video editor.  I do this every single year with our kids, and it’s affordable & everlasting.  Totally worth it!

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Coming up next episode, my very heartfelt thoughts on YOU – the Wedding Planning Podcast audience.  Don’t miss it!


xo Kara

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